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Mechanical Relays

The mechanical relay categories below are divided based on the input coil voltage. Relays are available with a variety of specifications - Abbreviations are as follows: NO - Normally open - this is a relay that will not pass power unless a voltage is applied to its coil. NC - Normally closed - this is a relay that will pass power unless a voltage is applied to its coil. NO and NC relays are typically "single throw" (ST), meaning that they either open or close the circuit. A "double throw" (DT) relay closes one circuit at it opens the other. These devices are also classed by how many "poles" they switch. A "single pole" (SP) relay switches only one conductor. A "double pole" device switches two conductors. Therefore, a DPDT relay, for example, refers to one that is "double pole, double throw", and that means that the relay can manage two conductors and connect those two conductors through a choice of two circuits. Mechanical Relays, Relay Contactors Our line of Mechanical Relays, are sold based on input coil voltages. You will find the Mechanical Relay for your every Relay need. Mechanical Relays, Relay Contactors

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