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Our magnets are good commercial grade magnets which have different strengths. The magnets range from being able to lift 25 lbs all the way to 225 lbs. There are two different types of cased magnets which we carry at MPJA. One magnet has a handle attached to the casing of the magnet. The other type of magnet has an Eye bolt for the attachment of rope or cable to make lifting easier. These magnets are good for separating materials from each other like steel or other magnetic materials. Our commercial grade magnets are also good for picking up loose materials like screws and bolts quickly. Our quality commercial magnets are a great tool to have in any workshop, good for the hobbiest as well as professional. Commercial Magnets, Handle Magnets Our magnets are good commercial grade magnets which have different strengths. One of our Handle magnets will make a great addition to any workshop. Commercial Magnets, Handle Magnets

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10mm Dia.  X 3mm Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
10mm Dia. X 3mm Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
Item #: 31170 MG
Magnet Cabinet Latch
Magnet Cabinet Latch
Item #: 11443 MG
100 Mini Rubber Magnets
100 Mini Rubber Magnets
Item #: 14582 MG
Mag Switch, SPDT With Magnet
Mag Switch, SPDT With Magnet
Item #: 31514 SW

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