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Hot Air Rework Stations

Solder Equipment encompasses everything we used to make, modify or repair circuit boards. Weather its the minimal needed equipment for the hobbyist or the more elaborate OEMs rework department. For building or reworking multilayer and surface mount, micro packaged components you will need the sophistication of a Hot Air Rework Station. The super heated air is concentrated at the part by using the proper nozzle causing the thin layer of solder to melt, releasing the part. Some parts have a dab of epoxy underneath; the heat can soften the epoxy easing the lifting of the part. When acquiring Hot Air Rework Station you should consider one that includes a temperature controlled soldering iron as well as a temperature & flow controlled hot air. Solder equipment like the Hot Air Rework Station, also known as SMD Rework Station or Soldering Rework Station, will heat up all leads together to remove those mega lead ICs, which is very difficult to impossible with an iron. The Hot Air Rework Station allow you to better control over the heat and air flow needed with the use of all the different nozzles needed for todays boards. Too hot causes the copper traces to break free from the board, blister the board and/or damage components. Too cold and you will be unable to remove the part or will need to touch up the leads when installing new part. An adjustable Hot Air rework Station or Soldering Rework Station can simplify repairs saving time, money and scrap. Manufactures of Hot Air Rework Stations change models and controls so you should consider spare parts. Check out our Rework Stations and in our Chemical and Electronic Tool categories you will find tools, cleaners, flux, epoxy and more to augment your Hot Air Rework Station. Hot Air Rework Stations, Soldering Rework Stations, SMD Rework Stations Our Hot Air Rework Stations are sure to make your Soldering Rework repair a breeze. You are sure to find the Soldering Rework Station for your specific application. Hot Air Rework Stations, Soldering Rework Stations, SMD Rework Stations

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ZD-939A SMD Hot Air Rework Station
ZD-939A SMD Hot Air Rework Station
MPJA SMD Hot Air Rework Station
MPJA SMD Hot Air Rework Station
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