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Arduino Pro Mini Enhanced Microcontroller with Bootloader

Arduino Pro Mini  Enhanced Microcontroller with Bootloader

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 Detailed Description
Arduino PRO MINI AVR Core Development Board with
Headers & Installed Bootloader

Arduino ProMini Clone with headers & Wider Voltage Range. Get the same power as the UNO, or Nano in a low cost and small footprint. Features a Atmega328, 8bit, 16mHz processor, built in 5V regulator, 8 analog inputs and up to 14 digital I/O pins. This module does not have a USB connector. There are 5 dedicated 100 mil spaced pads for connecting the FTDI cable (DTR,TXO,RXI,VCC,GND) or a USB/TTLconverter module. The ProMini is ideal for use after you have perfected your idea on a Nano or Uno and want to embed it in the final project. Intended for advanced users. 1st. time Users should take advantage of the Arduino Nano to gain skills. Information & Freeware available through www. arduino.cc.en and others on-line.
The pre loaded Bootloader, allows Programming with an (off board) USB to TTL converter (our Stock # 31573) or a FTDI smart cable
Processor: 16 MHz ATmega328
Power: 3.3-12VDC On-Board Regulator (Operating 5 VDC)
Note: for 3.3-5V input Use the Vcc Pin
for 5.5-12V input Use the RAW pin NOT BOTH
Digital I/O : 14 (with PWM available on 6)
Analog Input: 8
Memory: Flash: 32K (-2K for bootloader)
Ports: Arduino I/O Pins 6 Pins for direct wiring to off Board USB
connector (Not Supplied)
Manual Reset Button
.1in. pitch holes for headers (Supplied) or direct connection to functions
L: 1-5/16” O/A W: 11/16” H: 1/2” O/A WT: .012

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 Product ReviewsClick here to review this item
Does not seem to have boot loader
I have been trying to load a sketch to this and kept getting errors on upload. Finally found diagnostic where board is supposed to flash LED connected to pin 13 when reset switch is pressed. It does not. This seems to indicate no boot loader installed. Using the MPJA 31573MP interface to upload. IDE finds port and begin begins sending data but stops and errors every time.
- Arthur Roderick, GA

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